Xbian vs. Raspbmc

Written by vidarlo on 20140104 in english and hardware and Linux and software with no comments.

I’ve recently tested Xbian and Raspbmc. Xbian seems to be based of raspbmc, with a few changes, for example a quite sleek setup plugin. Raspbmc, in turn, are based on Debian, the well known Linux-distro, with apt and all the snacks. Both are painless to setup, and works quite fine for playing media files. However, […]

My laptop is broken.

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Let’s say one happends to step on ones laptop. And that the result is a minor crack. What does one do? Call IBM, get a quote at over 370$ for a LCD panel, or check out e-bay and find one for 30-50$? The support guy from IBM was nice and gave me the part number […]

Er kommunale nettsider gode nok?

Written by vidarlo on 20080707 in Norsk and rants and software with 2 comments.

Førde kommune sine nettsider er eit erkeeksempel pÃ¥ kor dÃ¥rlege nettsider det er mogeleg Ã¥ lage. Eg er nesten overraska over kor vanskeleg det er Ã¥ finne fram pÃ¥ dei. Sett at ein vil gjere ein triviell ting som Ã¥ kjøpe kinobilett – noko som pÃ¥ dei fleste andre kinoar gjerast pÃ¥ filmweb – sÃ¥ […]