COAP endpoints on IKEA Trådfri

Written by vidarlo on 20170401 in english and hardware and software with 18 comments.

So, I’m talking to the Trådfri GW. It turns out that my initial research was correct. It is talking coaps. I used to talk to it, requesting coaps:// It actually seems to implement the standard rather well 🙂 I had to use -psk and enter the security key, printed on a label under the […]

Ikea Trådfri zigbee lights

Written by vidarlo on 20170331 in english and hardware and software with one comment.

So, Ikea has released Trådfri seemingly worldwide. This is a series of Zigbee enabled lights, which looks quite neat. I bought the starter kit, with a gateway, two bulbs, and a remote control. First a couple of sentences about the remote control. It has on/off, dim up and down, and change color temperature. Nothing too […]

Raspberry Pi as cheap media player.

Written by vidarlo on 20140108 in english and hardware and Linux and software with no comments.

As you may’ve guessed from some previous blog posts, I have been expirementing with Raspberry Pi as media player. The setup was not entirely straight forward, as it was to be located at my girlfriends place, with access to the media I have at home. I was looking at OpenVPN as solution, tying the networks […]

Xbian vs. Raspbmc

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I’ve recently tested Xbian and Raspbmc. Xbian seems to be based of raspbmc, with a few changes, for example a quite sleek setup plugin. Raspbmc, in turn, are based on Debian, the well known Linux-distro, with apt and all the snacks. Both are painless to setup, and works quite fine for playing media files. However, […]

chdk – again.

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Once again, I’ve gotten myself a Canon compact camera that can run CHDK. Apart from some minor details, it works great. One of the stupid things is that the lens does not come out automagically when turning on camera with CHDK activated. I need to do a half press of the shutter first… OK, I […]

My laptop is broken.

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Let’s say one happends to step on ones laptop. And that the result is a minor crack. What does one do? Call IBM, get a quote at over 370$ for a LCD panel, or check out e-bay and find one for 30-50$? The support guy from IBM was nice and gave me the part number […]

Imponerande lykt – Ledlenser v2

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Absolutt ei lommelykt eg har fÃ¥ problemer med Ã¥ anbefale… Den har enkelt og greit utrulig sterkt lys, og det beste er at den bruker vanlige AAA-batteri, og den bruker lite av dei. Du har med deg kraftig lys i 30-40 timer frÃ¥ 3 AAA-batteri. Must-have for en ekte geek 🙂

Skitten kundebehandling

Written by vidarlo on 20090310 in Norsk and rants with one comment.

IBM Norge driv det eg vil kalle dÃ¥rleg kundehandsaming. I romjula svikta batteriet pÃ¥ den noko over to Ã¥r gamle laptopen min. Ikkje redusert kapasitet – det mÃ¥ ein trass alt rekne med – men totalt dødt. Null livsteikn. Eg sendte e-post til selger, som viste meg viare til IBM/Lenovo som garantiinstans pÃ¥ Lenovo Thinkpad […]