Bypassing liquid ban with help from KLM

Written by vidarlo on 20110501 in rants and security with no comments.

I recently flew with KLM from Singapore to Amsterdam. They have this tradition of giving you small houses filled with jenever.

Thats just fine, but the problem is that they are filled with liquid, and above 100ml. So you have to have them in a sealed bag through security if you have a connecting flight.

KLM’s solution? Hand out a sealable bag, a card stating at which flight it was received, and date. The card was quite simple, with no serial numbers, no stamp, no signature. Just the flight numbers.

I got the bag and card after the house, and was told to seal it myself! I just ignored both, the house was quite ugly after all, and a bit of jenever is not worth carrying for me…

However, it is quite nice of KLM to hand out unsealed bags… Just another dent in the airport security?

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