The M570 Trackball

Written by vidarlo on 20131120 in english and hardware and rants with no comments.

The Logitech M570 trackball is good. If I use a normal mouse, I’ll get a stiff shoulder after a couple of days. What I can use is an clitoris or trackball. My x220 has a clitoris, which I don’t like in games.

The trackball, however, works fine in openTTD.

I’ve used various trackballs before, but the wireless of M570 is good. It meens I can sit in the sofa, without having to care about the wire. The performance is the same as previous trackballs, and I don’t really understand why a LASER is important on a trackball – the surface is known… But what goes with the territoriy…

At least – I happen to love my trackball, and it’s totally worth the price of ~100$.

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