Useful network utilities for your USB memory stick

Written by vidarlo on 20080814 in english and microsoft and software with no comments.

I carry a USB memory stick, with the most often needed utilities for network setup and debugging. It’s only windows software, since I tend to use my laptop if I have it. If I don’t have my laptop, only windows machines tend to be around. I currently carry the following software:

3com IP calculator
A small utility for calculating IP network and subnet masks. Quite useful if you don’t do binary addition in your head…
Alax.Info DHCP Server
A small DHCP server, requiring no set-up beyond entering IP adresses and network mask. Runs nicely from a USB memory device, and no installation required.
Teraterm Pro
A bit dated, and not the fanciest software of it’s kind. Yet, it’s the best serial port terminal for Windows I’ve tried, and it’s a shame it does not excist for Unix. Works like a charm, every time, and very easy to change serial port parameters
PortableApps Suite
I use the full version, since my memory device holds 2GB. Take your choice, or install the minimum and add the applications you need
puTTY portable
It’s the best SSH client for windows. In portable edition. What more can you ask for? Oh, and settings is stored on your USB memory device.
winSCP portable
Portable edition of winSCP. If you don’t like the Portable Apps interface, just grab the portable version from winSCP’s site
NMAP – the wonderful portscanner that handles almost anything. The windows version is a bit more limited than the Unix version, but it works decently. Use the zip version, and it will work from a usb memory device.

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