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COAP endpoints on IKEA Trådfri

So, I’m talking to the Trådfri GW. It turns out that my initial research was correct. It is talking coaps. I used to talk to it, requesting coaps:// It actually seems to implement the standard rather well 🙂 I had to use -psk and enter the security key, printed on a label under the gw itself.
UPDATE: Leave PSK identity blank.

==[ CoAP Response ]============================================
MID : 115
Token : 170a801bb0362002
Type : ACK
Status : 2.05
Options: {"Content-Format":"application/link-format"}
Payload: 560 Bytes
Time elapsed (ms): 1251

Querying each of the endpoints yielded the following:


{"9054":0,"9001":"Remote","5750":0,"9002":1490983329,"9020":1490985746,"9003":65536,"15009":[{"9003":0}],"9019":0,"3":{"1":"TRADFRI remote control","0":"IKEA of Sweden","2":"","3":"","6":3,"9":100}}

This is obviously the remote control unit.


{"9054":0,"9001":"K","5750":2,"9002":1490992930,"9020":1491052948,"9003":65538,"9019":0,"3":{"1":"TRADFRI bulb E27 WS opal 980lm","0":"IKEA of Sweden","2":"","3":"","6":1},"3311":[{"9003":0}]}

This is one of the bulbs. I believe it is the one named “K” in the IKEA app… 🙂


{"9054":0,"9001":"LR","5750":2,"9002":1490983446,"9020":1491055861,"9003":65537,"9019":1,"3":{"1":"TRADFRI bulb E27 WS opal 980lm","0":"IKEA of Sweden","2":"","3":"","6":1},"3311":[{"5850":1,"5851":254,"5707":0,"5708":0,"5709":33135,"5710":27211,"9003":0,"5711":0,"5706":"efd275"}]}

Another of the bulbs – I currently have two. This is obviously the one in the living room – LR. This is powered on, whilst the other one has main power removed. The powered on one (this) returns more data than the one that is powered down.


{"9001":"TRADFRI group","9039":203361,"9002":1490983341,"9003":139121,"5850":0,"5851":0,"9018":{"15002":{"9003":[65536,65537,65538]}}}

I have defined one group, containing both bulbs. The 9003 array contains the devices in this group (remote control and two bulbs).


This is information about ntp server.


You can change to your own ntp-server by issuing a set request, with replaced by your own. Quite neat actually.



This is one of the presets for mood lightning in the app. Reddish with low intensity.

Oookay, that’s enough about the endpoints. The rest is mostly a continuation. Let’s go back to the kitchen light, which I’ve now powered on, put to max level and bright white (highest color temperature). As expected it now replies with more data:

{"9054":0,"9001":"K","5750":2,"9002":1490992930,"9020":1491052948,"9003":65538,"9019":1,"3":{"1":"TRADFRI bulb E27 WS opal 980lm","0":"IKEA of Sweden","2":"","3":"","6":1},"3311":[{"5850":1,"5851":254,"5707":0,"5708":0,"5709":24930,"5710":24694,"9003":0,"5711":250,"5706":"f5faf6"}]}

Dimmed to minimum:

{"9054":0,"9001":"K","5750":2,"9002":1490992930,"9020":1491052948,"9003":65538,"9019":1,"3":{"1":"TRADFRI bulb E27 WS opal 980lm","0":"IKEA of Sweden","2":"","3":"","6":1},"3311":[{"5850":1,"5851":12,"5707":0,"5708":0,"5709":24930,"5710":24694,"9003":0,"5711":250,"5706":"f5faf6"}]}

Here, the parameter 5851 changed from 254 to 12. This is likely to be the light level output. Let’s try again, with the bulb set to 50%:


Yep, 5851 is the dimming level.

And now, repeat with different colour temperature (middle setting from app):


The intensity is still 127, but three other parameters, 5709-5711. In addition 5706 changed – which it did not for the previous changes. Let’s try a put, changing the 127 to 254:

java -jar cf-client-1.1.0-APSHOT.jar -psk PUT coaps:// '{"9054":0,"9001":"K","5750":2,"9002":1490992930,"9020":1491052948,"9003":65538,"9019":1,"3":{"1":"TRADFRI bulb E27 WS opal 980lm","0":"IKEA of Sweden","2":"","3":"","6":1},"3311":[{"5850":1,"5851":254,"5707":0,"5708":0,"5709":30140,"5710":26909,"9003":0,"5711":0,"5706":"f1e0b5"}]}'
==[ CoAP Response ]============================================
MID : 190
Token : 4bde3ee89d815913
Type : ACK
Status : 2.04
Options: {}
Payload: 0 Bytes
Time elapsed (ms): 1487

Yup, promptly dimmed up. Sending only the 3311 did nothing – it appears I have to send the entire thing back to the bulb for some reason.

That’s it for now. Some pointers on how to talk to the lights.

Update: There’s some discussion at ha-bridge’s github about this topic. Also note the first comment – I didn’t include this information, but yes – the PSK identity should be left blank, and the key is the one printed on the label of the gw.

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