Android + webdav

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Being a geek, the opportunity to upload pictures straight from my cell phone (Android) to the web is a nice feature. I could of course use Dropbox or a similar solution, but that is boring, and I don’t get to decide the URL… So welcome WebDAV. Finding a good webdav client for Android took me […]

I will not try OpenSuSE 11.3 for the next few weeks.

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OpenSuSE 11.3 is out. This will be the first release in quite a few years that I won’t try at the day of release. I’ve been using OpenSuSE since Pre-Novell (9.0 I believe), and have usually upgraded as soon as possible. But why not this time? Because the last three times I tried to upgrade, […]

CHDK on Ixus 100IS

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CHDK is software for some Canon compact cameras, which allows somewhat more than the original firmware. Or rather – it’s a addon for the original firmware. Quite risk free. On Ixus 100/SD780IS (can someone explain why canon insists on seperate names for EU and USA?), it is as of writing only a beta port – […]

Stuck in a alternate reality…

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Recently I’ve been working with PLC’s – which is so far from the computers I’m used to. As a GNU/Linux user I’m accustomed to having almost any tool available at the touch of my fingertips, and great amounts of knowledge in a instant. But the PLC world? It’s a closed universe, with no protocol documentation […]

Android og Nexus One

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Android pÃ¥ Nexus One. Fin, slank og lett telefon. Men det er ikkje det som er interessant. Det artige er filosofien bak slik den framstÃ¥r: Gi folk valgmuligheter! En kan bytte ut SMS-appen med to trykk – via Android Market. En kan bytte ut input-metode, og kort sagt: du kan bytte ut dei fleste komponenter […]

OpenSuSE 11.2 – keyboard does not work in

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OpenSuSE 11.2 is out.As usual, not everything works. This time? In for a real charm: keyboard and mouse does not work in Xorg. Even when removing the config and running SaX2 it does not work. After som help from

Spotify – let us tag the music.

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Spotify is adding new features all the time. So it’s time to voice my wish for spotify: Let us tag the music! That is the only show stopper for me right now – I can’t sort music in any other way than playlists. I can certainly make playlists, and I can share them, but I […]

Fedora- a strange old friend.

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Testing fedora, on a netbook was a strange expirience. I started with Linux using Redhat 5.1 Manhattan, in 1998. Fedora should in theory be the descendant of this, and perphaps it is. Yet, it was strange to return. Things have changed, whilst I expected it to be the same. I expected the linuxconf. I expected […]

Torrent workflow in the shell.

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I use torrents for distributing various things, like Urospredere which I transcoded. When doing this, I realised I lacked the knowledge needed to create torrents from the terminal, and examine them. I therefor found some tools for it: torrentinfo Torrentinfo is a nice tool for querying an excisting torrent for information like size, trackers, and […]

First Time KDE 4.2.

Written by vidarlo on 20090426 in english and Linux and rants and software with one comment.

After I installed OpenSuSE 11.1 a while ago, the writing have been on the wall – KDE 3 is dying, and KDE 4 is the new kid in town, with shiny toys and powerful tools. At least that’s what I’ve been told. And yes, many people report problems with KDE 4.2. It’s nice. It’s shiny. […]