Install Apache2 on Ubuntu 16.04

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I assume that you have a running Ubuntu installation. This is written with 16.04 in mind but should work with some adaptions on other versions as well. is used as an example (D’oh) in this post, and should be changed to suit your installation. Installing Apache2, PHP, MariaDB and so forth $ sudo apt […]

Android + webdav

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Being a geek, the opportunity to upload pictures straight from my cell phone (Android) to the web is a nice feature. I could of course use Dropbox or a similar solution, but that is boring, and I don’t get to decide the URL… So welcome WebDAV. Finding a good webdav client for Android took me […]

CHDK on Ixus 100IS

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CHDK is software for some Canon compact cameras, which allows somewhat more than the original firmware. Or rather – it’s a addon for the original firmware. Quite risk free. On Ixus 100/SD780IS (can someone explain why canon insists on seperate names for EU and USA?), it is as of writing only a beta port – […]

Torrent workflow in the shell.

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I use torrents for distributing various things, like Urospredere which I transcoded. When doing this, I realised I lacked the knowledge needed to create torrents from the terminal, and examine them. I therefor found some tools for it: torrentinfo Torrentinfo is a nice tool for querying an excisting torrent for information like size, trackers, and […]

Viktige nettverksprotokoller.

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Som ein liten fortsettelse pÃ¥ Intro om nettverk kjem det her ein liten intro om det eg meiner er viktige protokoller… Om folk er einige eller ikkje bryr ikkje meg 😉

Intro om nettverk.

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Ein kort intro om nettverk eg skreiv for nFF. Poster den her ogsÃ¥, for Ã¥ fÃ¥ litt meir poster pÃ¥ denne sida mi… IP-adressa si oppbygning. Ei IP-adresse er et 32-bits tall, det vil sei mellom 0 og 4294967295. For lesbarheta si skuld deler ein dette opp i 4 grupper pÃ¥ 8 bit per gruppe. […]