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Torrent workflow in the shell.

I use torrents for distributing various things, like Urospredere which I transcoded. When doing this, I realised I lacked the knowledge needed to create torrents from the terminal, and examine them. I therefor found some tools for it:

Torrentinfo is a nice tool for querying an excisting torrent for information like size, trackers, and files contained in it. A must if you plan to copy the list of trackers…
mktorrent is a easy to use torrent creator. Specify list of trackers with -a, the chunk size (which defaults to 256kiB for some reason), and the files to be included in the torrent – and optionally the output file name of the torrrent.
rTorrent is a curses torrent client, which works fine for seeding and downloading torrents. It Just Works(TM).

That’s all you need to create and publish torrents without using a graphical torrent client like µTorrent or transmission 🙂

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