Changing LCD panel on a laptop.

Written by vidarlo on 20090615 in hardware with no comments.

My laptop monitor got a crack, so I ordered a new one from ebay. After all, changing the panel should be quite straight forward.

And so it was. Loosening 5 screws around the edge of my panel, loosening the signal cable and backlight power cable from the old panel, unscrewing a few more screws, dropping in the new one and plugging in the cables. It was done in 20 minutes, and I’d say anyone who knows their way around with a screw driver could do it.

The panel cost me 50$ on ebay. Yet, IBM Norway wanted around 400$ for the same panel, plus work for changing it. So changing it myself came in at approx. 1/10 of the cost.

Why don’t everyone change such parts themself. Warranty on a 2 year old laptop is hardly worth anything anyways…

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