Designing a intuitive website, or why Drupal is great.

Written by vidarlo on 20070725 in english and software with no comments.

How does one design a intuitive website? The criterias are quite easy:

  1. Easy navigation.
  2. Simple layout, yet elegant.
  3. The information people wants.

My expirience is that when one is making the website, it is nearly impossible to guess what people want. It’s like describing landscape standing in giants footsteps. Difficult, at best. One has to turn to logs and comments to see what content interests people, and how people get there. My goal is that noone should have to reach a particular page through a specific tunnell of other pages, unless they’re clearly needed.

Nor should anyone have difficulty finding what she is after, and nor should people be drowned in links. This is where taxonomy is important, and Drupal CMS is one of the very best CMS systems at taxonomy, with free text taxonomy, easy support for clean URL’s and generally a neat expirience.

Other CMS systems, like Joomla! tends to drown me in options and configuration alternatives, whilst I find Drupal generally very clean and easy to adminster. Programming for Drupal is also easy, since it is a relatively small and well documented CMS, compared to others.

So I’d recomend you to try Drupal some time! It really gets the job done. Quickly.

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